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I love teaching first grade! There is something truly magical about watching little ones learn to read and write. Each day at school is a fun, new adventure. My favorite sentence from my little ones is, "This is the best day ever!"
I started my teaching journey many years ago in first grade. This journey has taken a few twists and turns. After a few years in first grade, I was assigned to fourth grade. I enjoyed those big kids, but it just wasn't the place for me. I asked to return to first grade and was granted my request. Then one summer, I received a call from my principal asking me to become a Reading Recovery teacher. I really wanted to become a better reading teacher so I took the classes and began teaching Reading Recovery half day and was an ESOL teacher the other half day. Budget cuts hit our district hard and Reading Recovery was cut from the budget. Now I was a full time ESOL teacher. During this time I worked with first graders and third graders. Well I missed having my own classroom ~ so I begged to return. I was offered morning and afternoon half day kindergarten. It wasn't first grade, but it was close. After a year in kinder I was finally granted my wish to return to first grade ~ the place where my heart really is. Now I have to say that all those years out of first grade were probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned so much! I return to the classroom with a clear understanding of where my children came from, where they are going, best strategies to use with my ESOL children, and fabulous training in and practice in the teaching of reading. I would not be the teacher I am today without all those experiences.


In 2010, My husband and I began a quest to run an event in each of the 50 states. It has been a true adventure and a fantastic way to see the country. To read more about these adventures click on the running button.


I am married to my high school sweetheart for many, many wonderful years. We do almost everything together. He often helps me prepare and shop for school. How lucky am I?
We have 2 amazing daughters. They both are grown and have moved away to enjoy their own lives. My youngest is living in Brooklyn, NY with her boyfriend of many years, and is attending college. My oldest lives in South Carolina with her husband, and has given us 2 lovable grandchildren. We enjoy visiting them as often as possible and enjoy their visits to us. 
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