Thursday, July 4, 2013

West Virginia State #15

School ended in a flurry and running season began. 

The Run by the River, Shepherdstown, West Virginia
On June 8th we ran a 5K in West Virginia, our 15th state on a quest to run in all 50.
This had to be one of the friendliest, nicest runs we have ever done.
If  you are near Shepherdstown, WV the beginning of June I strongly suggest you sign up! 

Upon arrival we were greeted with a table of yummy foods and happy people. They gave us our race packets (seen below) filled with great treats for runners ~ including chapstick, sunscreen,water bottles and chocolate. You will notice the chocolate is missing because it didn't last long.
The T-shirts were colorful, soft and made of 100% recycled materials. I love how the race logo is on the front and back of the shirts. All these goodies came in the signed bags.
In addition each runner was also given a handmade card created by a child at the Day Care the proceeds benefitted :)

The race was advertised as an out and back course, downhill out and uphill back. Well when the race started with two quick up and down hills I began to worry, because if this wasn't what they were calling the hill then I wondered what the hill would bring. Well I soon found out. It was long and at times steep. Of course the down part was easy, the up took some work. At the finish line they had someone taking every runner's picture. Upon arriving home we found that we had each received an email with our pictures and another personalized email. How thoughtful!

After the race there was nice cold water and plenty of tasty snacks to refuel on. In addition to the 5K, there was a 5 Miler, and a Kid's Fun Run. They followed the races with a nice awards assembly. My husband and I were both pleasantly surprised to find we had won our age groups! For this we were given an envelope that had written on it, "Congratulations on Your Speedy Run!" Inside we each received a gift certificate to Mellow Moods Cafe and Juice Bar.
We decided to head up to the cafe for a quick bite before hitting the road again. What a great place! Delicious, healthy food. If you are ever in the area do stop in.
We also made a stop at Two Rivers Treads a natural running store. They will do a gait analysis for free.
All in all it was an awesome race, a great town filled with wonderful little shops and friendly people, and a just plain great day!
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  1. Just found your blog!! Love the look of the banner at the top! How neat that the race was personalized with the card from a child and the photo at the finish!

  2. Thank You! Yes, it was wonderful, everything about the race was personalized.

  3. I'm glad you are up and running again! I've missed your posts!!
    Owl Things First