Friday, January 25, 2013

Officially Goofy

39.3 Miles of Running in Two Days!
After years of dreaming, and months of preparing, our dream of running and completing the Goofy Challenge finally came true!!!!
In the wee morning hours of Friday, January 11, we arrived in Disney World. After some sleep we headed over to the race expo at the ESPN Sports Complex. There we received our running bibs and awesome long sleeve tech shirts (picture below.) We spent a bit of time in Animal Kingdom and then off for an early bedtime.
Saturday we had to wake up at 2:30 AM in order to eat and catch our bus to the starting corral for the half marathon. I was very nervous waiting to start. Each group of runners receives a fireworks send off. We started running in the dark. The route was filled with bands, people cheering, Disney characters and displays. For the half marathon you start running at Epcot, run to the Magic Kingdom and then back to Epcot. At the Magic Kingdom they bring you into the park so that you run up towards the castle right down Main Street, then around the back of the castle, and then right through it! How awesome!
Entering the rear of the castle, just before running through it.
Yes, the buglers were up there!
I had so much energy on Saturday. I kept trying to run faster! Usually by mile 10, I am slowing down, but not this day. My husband kept saying, save it for tomorrow.
Sunday morning, the day of the big event arrived quickly. (I had never run a marathon before.)
Once again we were up and moving by 2:30. I was even more nervous in the starting corral, but when the fireworks went up, off we went. The beginning of the full marathon was much the same as yesterday's half. Which was quite nice, it felt good to run a familiar route and I enjoyed the Magic Kingdom again. After running through the Magic Kingdom we ran a lap on Disney's Speedway, through the Animal Kingdom (several animals were out with caregivers in the park), to ESPN Sports Complex (where we ran on the track and around the baseball diamond), over to Hollywood Studios, along the boardwalk area, and into Epcot. Well I can tell you, I was never so happy to see Epcot before, but then I remembered it was a full 2 miles yet to the finish line. Up until this point we had run every mile (except for walking through water stops ~ both days were very hot and it was important to drink and refuel carefully) and I really wanted to say I had run it all. So even though I felt like I couldn't go another step, I kept running. My husband was great, he kept urging me on. Finally he said there's the finish line right in front of us, and it was there, but it sure looked far away. Well we crossed that line holding hands, arms up over our heads! We had done it!
The medals were amazing. The pictures don't do them justice and they are very heavy.
Race shirts and Medals
I can't believe its over. It was the most amazing experience ever. There just aren't words for it. If you ever think you might want to do it ~ go for it! I promise you won't regret it.
Yes, we were able to walk Sunday night after finishing the marathon!
I will never, ever forget this experience.
Go for your dreams!
I want to end with a very special thanks to my husband who coached me and put up with me through some very long, and rough training runs. Thanks ~ you are the BEST!
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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a HUGE accomplishment!!!!
    Growing Firsties

  2. Hi there!!! Sounds like so much fun!!!

    You won my Valentine's Day packets, but you didn't leave me an email address. Can you e-mail me at


  3. Wow! That looks exhausting and fun! I am a Disney fanatic...but not a running fanatic. Although, I might like it more if it were in Disney, tehe. Congratulations on your strength and endurance!

  4. Way to achieve your goal! My 7th grader is getting me out running. It's not a marathon, but it is a start :). Thanks for becoming a member on my blog. I am your 68th member! Your tutorial on adding a blog button will come in handy once I get my button designed! Thanks a bunch! Melissa DePriest from

  5. How awesome! I am completely jealous. I'm running my first marathon this April and hope one day to run the Disney Marathon :) Congratulations!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher