Tuesday, December 4, 2012

 Winter Wonderland Exchange Ready To Begin...just a few spots remain, come join us!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all who have signed up! If you are sitting on the fence now is the time to jump off and join the fun. Classes from all over the country are participating and even some digitally from Canada! It's easy to participate just pick a winter project, have each student in your class make one or more. Send 20 projects to my address with a short letter that tells about your class, winter in your area, and a bit about your project. You will receive back a package with one project and letter from each participating class. I love getting mail, and I know our children will be very excited when the package arrives at school. There is some concern as to when the projects are due. I know Winter Break is fast approaching - so we could certainly have the projects due mid January. Please answer the following questions so we don't have any duplicates and I have all the information for everyone. I will email all my address this week. Thanks! ~ Maria
(I know the following people wanted to do these projects: Wendy-penguins, Kelly-Abes or Georges, Julie-Liberty, Sarah-hearts, Sharon-sleds, Claire-snowmen, Beth-Matin Luther and Kay-Cesar Chavez Day. No problem if you change your mind, just let me know.)

Be sure to post the following:

Name                 State                 Project                                 email
Maria                  PA                   Groundhogs                         firstgradecarousel@gmail.com

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