Thursday, March 28, 2013

 Brand New Look ~ Come Take A Peek

Ever since I began looking at all the wonderful teacher blogs, I knew I wanted my own special look. I tried, I really tried to do it myself, but I just couldn't get the look I was going for. My husband sat and listened to me dream of my own special design night after night. Then one magical night he said, "Find a designer ~ this is my gift to you :)" Some gift it turned out to be. I am on Cloud 9 just staring at my beautiful, fun, new look. Thank you dear husband; I love, love, love my new design!
In order to get this great look I had to find a designer. After studying many blogs and designers I decided to contact Barb of Ruby Slippers Blog Designs and see if she was willing to give it a try. She was amazing right from the start. She asked great questions, tried things, and willingly changed things as the design developed. She even tried some of my crazy ideas which I'm sure she knew would look hideous, like a red background in the sidebar :0 Thanks Barb! I hope you enjoy my new look as much as I do. If you ever want a professional to work on your blog I highly recommend Barb.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

 Winter Wonderland Displayed

Here is the display in my classroom of all the fantastic projects shared by teachers from around the country and Canada. I want to apologize to those who took part for taking so long to get this post onto my blog.  More importantly, I want to thank each teacher and student who participated! My students and I learned so much about winter in places far away from our homes.
Teachers who participated in this project sent me a letter describing winter where they live and 20 student made projects. When I received everyone's package, I collated them and each class then received a letter and project from each school.

Below are individual pictures of each project and a link to the teacher's blog if available. Please be sure to visit these amazing teachers' blogs!

Love Bugs with Adjective Descriptions
Rebecca of First Grade Fascination
Cesar Chavez
Kay of Sommer Pride
Snow Globes
Wendy of 1st Grade Fireworks
Winter Birch Trees
Kaitlin and Christine of K & C Love Grade 3!
Snowmen in Glue
(These are way cool in person.)
Jennifer of Owl Things First
Jockey Silks
Brianna of The Price of Teaching

Emily and Maria of Curious Firsties
Glue Snowmen
Claire of First Grade Smarties

Melted Snowmen
Puerto Rico from Pennsylvania

Penguins and Polar Bears
Kelly of First Grade Fairytales

Gina of Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

Martin Luther King

Rainy Day Umbrellas
Christy of Mrs. Christy's Leaping Loopers

Snowmen At Night

Groundhog Lapbook
Maria of First Grade Carousel
With Special Thanks to:
Granny Goes to School ~ Groundhog Craft available here
Informational Book available from Jennifer Ruiz here
Tally/Graph from Dawn DeLorenzo available here
Groundhog Funnies from Froggie Went a Teachin available here
Groundhog Graphics from LittleRed available here

A Huge Thanks to all the Students and Teachers for Particpating!
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