Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

In anticipation of our trip to the zoo ~

The Value of Indoor Recess ...
What do you see as the value of recess?
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  1. Wow! They definitely put a lot of work into that-looks great! :)


  2. Wow great picture and question! I see creativity at its best sometimes at indoor recess. They are challenged to use what's available to create and have fun! It's also a time to work on those cooperation skills that so many kiddos need! :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. Value of indoor recess reminds lets the kids take control of their activities for a brief time. It's also a great opportunity to sit back and observe the kids on so many levels. I get some great anecdotal records from watching kids play a game on the SMARTBoard or problem solve with friends to figure out how to build a marble run or complete a 500 piece puzzle.

  4. Value of recess....time. Everyone needs some time that this "theirs." I know I need my time to myself at lunch. Kids need that time too. Maybe it is to talk to their friends, make up their own game, run around. But they need that time!!
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  5. I think it is the time that kids needs to be kids! We have been cooped up in our room these past two days because of state testing and we went stir crazy! so excited to take them back outside tomorrow!


  6. Just them being THEM!! Their little personalities come out even more!

  7. Yes, a super question because I know some would argue that it takes away from instructional time and there's just so much to cover these days. The value of recess to me is to allow the children a chance to form closer friendships with their classmates and to have some freedom to just be a kid for a while. Inside or outside, I think any recess is great! I even think older students need some "social time" worked into their school day. Thanks for stopping by my blog Maria!

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  8. Kids need to play- it's part of how they learn! That to me is definitely the value of recess. Great question! :)
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